Verses from the Nobel Qur'an

'And certainly,We shall test you with something of fear,hunger,loss of wealth,lives and fruits,but give glad to As-Sabirun (the patient) . Who,when afflicted with calamity,say: "Truly,to Allah we belong and truly,to Him we shall return."

They are those on whom are the Salawat (i.e. who are blessed and will be forgiven) from their Lord,and (they are those who) receive His Mercy,and it is they who are the guided ones.'

( Surah Al-Baqarah : 155-157 )

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Week 6,approaching week 7. too fast. mid semester plays it role by providing me such an extremely hard time. i'm in the midst of chaos!
lab report,logbook,experiments,assignments,tutorials and most important thing;know whats going on in lectures!

derap kaki melangkah bak deras arus menongkah!
usaha jangan biar hilang, putus asa jangan biar datang,
mengharap masih, mengalah jangan!
perit ditempuh agar mampu merasai kemanisan
harga sebuah kejayaan selayaknya bernilai pengorbanan

Allahu Allah~

kirimkan salam pada hati
agar sakeenah tersemat
Moga Allah sentiasa bersama~

memahami agar mengerti
hikmah disebalik redha

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